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Welcome to the website of the Environmental Fluid Mechanics Research Group at Princeton University. Combining numerical, experimental, and analytical tools, we study the basic dynamics of flow and transport in environmental systems, and how these dynamics relate to problems in  urban microclimatology, hydrology, atmospheric sciences, and renewable energy. Our aim is to improve on the explanations of geophysical flow phenomena in ancient Greece.

The current research interests of our group center on the physical processes at the interface between the atmosphere and the earth surface; we seek to understand their attributes and coupling, as well as to develop prognostic models for their dynamics. Most human activities and engineered systems, and their interaction with natural systems, are concentrated near that interface, in the atmospheric boundary layer and the underlying land or sea surface layers. The relevant physical processes we investigate hence range from the turbulent flow in the lower atmosphere, with a particular focus on how it is modulated by buoyant forces, to heat and water exchanges between the earth surface and the atmosphere, with a particular focus on built surfaces and urban environments.

For more information and details about our work please visit the different pages of our site or contact a member of our team.


Elie Bou-Zeid



Schematic diagram of our lab's research scope

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