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Our paper in Nature is featured in a Princeton news article

Our City Reader project wins a
Beyond Bauhaus Prize

Our paper on urban heat islands during cold waves featured in Science Daily



Meet the people

who make our lab tick


Professor  Elie Bou-Zeid

Postdoctoral Researcher

Khaled Ghannam


Ph.D. Student Hamidreza Omidvar

Ph.D. Student Mohammad Allouche

Ph.D. Student Einara Zahn
Ph.D. Student Joey Fogarty
Ph.D. Student Jing Wang
Visiting Student Ran Wang

Former lab members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Maider Llaguno Munitxa (email)

Jiachuan Yang (email)
Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Dana Caulton (email)
  Assistant professor at the University of Wyoming

Hossein Hezaveh
  Data analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Young-Hee Ryu (email)
  Postdoctoral Researcher at NCAR

Prathap Ramamurthy (email)
 Assistant professor at City College of New York

Jing Huang (email)
  Research Scientist at CSIRO, Australia

Steven Jessup (email)
  Assistant Professor at The College of Brockport-SUNY

Charles Talbot (email)
  Independent Researcher in France

Ph.D. Students

Mostafa Momen (email)
 Postdoc at Columbia University

Qi Li (email)
 Assistant Professor at Cornell University

Hossein Hezaveh
 Data analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Stimit Shah (email)
  CFD developer at Aerion Corporation

Dan Li (email)
 Assistant Professor at Boston University

Zhihua Wang (email)
  Assistant professor at Arizona state University

Master's Students

Xiang Gao (email)
 Renewable Energy Meteorologist in China

Yinzhen Jin  (email)
co-advised with Professor Warren Powell
Now working at Auto Grid System


Visiting Ph.D. Students

Ting Sun from Tsinghua University (email)

Renalda El Samra from the American University of Beirut (email)

Xiaofeng Hu from Tsinghua University (email)

Claudia Fabiani from University of Perugia

Ilaria Pigliautile from University of Perugia


Visiting Masters Student

Michael Diekerhof


Senior Thesis Students

Roan Gideon

Christie Jiang

Lorah Hope

Tracy Morgan

Emily Moder

Thomas Maltbaeck 

Jon Bradshaw

Undergraduate and High-School research assistants

Traci Mathieu

Laura Rosenbauer

Abby Ostriker

Aaron Thomas

Conor Myhrvold

Ines Arbet-Engles

Nick Demetriou

Leonidas Tolias

Kathleen Rafferty

Michael Luke

Elizabeth Nadelman

Michael Papageorge

Rex Tien

Daniel Piao

David Schreiber

Steven Miller

Molly O'Connor


Some "historic" pictures

Lab members in 2013

Lab members in 2014



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Contact Information

Elie Bou-Zeid
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Princeton University, C326 EQuad
Princeton, NJ 08544, USA

phone  :  +1-609-258-5429
fax        :  +1-609-258-2799
email   :  
web      :  http://efm.princeton.edu/